Frequently Asked Questions

Most compounds containing bioidentical hormones require a prescription as they are scheduled products. However some CPSA products may be purchased over the counter. Please contact CPSA if you are unsure.

Any medical doctor that is registered in South Africa may write a prescription. At CPSA we do recommend consulting with a doctor that is trained in and familiar with compounded medicines and bioidentical hormones.

Most compounded medicines do not have a nappi code, hence will not be covered by medical aids.

CPSA is only based in Bryanston, Johannesburg. Your local pharmacy can obtain products directly from us on your behalf. Alternatively you may place an order on the CPSA website and we will courier the products to you or you may collect this is dependent on your chosen delivery option.

Bioidentical hormones are controlled medicines and, by law, require a prescription that is only valid for a maximum of 6 months. Once the repeats your doctor has prescribed are complete, you need to obtain a new prescription.

Compounding pharmacies focus on patient individualised medicines that are not commercially available.

Although most IV’s contain Vitamins and minerals, they still require a prescription as any injectable form is scheduled.

Up to 60 hours after payment is received.

BUD stands for Beyond Use date and is the last date you can safely use a medicine. All medicines compounded at a compounding pharmacy will contain BUD’s.

Conventional medicine diagnoses using symptoms and disease whereas functional medicine also attends to the root of the disease and includes environmental and lifestyle factors, including sleep and relaxation, physical activity, nutrition, stress, etc.
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