With advanced clinical knowledge and cutting edge technology, we can personalise your medications.

You are unique, Your medicine should be too.


Welcome to Compounding Pharmacy of South Africa, CPSA.

CPSA has over 17 years of experience in functional medicine, compounding of specialised medications and nutraceuticals.

Our healthcare facility has a team of experts, committed to helping patients and healthcare professionals achieve optimum health. With access to premium raw active ingredients and cutting-edge technology, we produce customized products onsite. CPSA’s broad range of products also includes veterinary for our furry friends, sterile IV drips to enhance physical and mental stamina, and tailored products to help wean off prescription medications. Patients seeking medical advice beyond the conventional approach are welcome to book a personalised consultation with a qualified Functional Medicine Practitioner.

Premium Products and Services for Patients and Doctors


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Book a consultation with a CPSA Functional Medicine Practitioner to help you identify the root cause of your medical concerns, or to find out more about treatments such as intravenous fluid for sports performance and accelerated recovery from intense physical exertion.
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CPSA offers premium quality products, specialised medicines, nutraceuticals and custom formulated prescription medications.
We also keep record of repeat prescriptions for your convenience when placing future orders.


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Need to place a direct order?
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Experts in Functional Medicine

Our Clinical Pharmacists work closely with physicians and patients to identify root causes of diseases. They correct them by recognising the unique and metabolic processes that influence the way the body responds to stress, infections, aging and physical exercise.
As a compounding pharmacy, we go beyond what traditional pharmacies offer by providing a wide range of services to ensure our patients, customers and medical peers receive the highest quality of care CPSA can offer.

What is Functional Medicine?

Functional Medicine is the medical practice to individualise health goals by understanding current health status, lifestyle factors and medical history. When you know how the body works and what impacts it, only then, can you design a personalised treatment approach to achieve optimal health.

What is Compounding?

In the field of pharmacy, compounding is the preparation of custom formulations of medications. Commercially available medications may not always be suitable for the individual needs of a patient, thus specifically prepared medication may be indicated.

What are the Advantages?

  • Non-standard dosages of active ingredients can be prepared
  • Excipients (non-active ingredients) can be avoided
  • Medications can be delivered in a different format (liquid/solid)
  • Allergies and dietary restrictions can be managed

CPSA's Product Portfolio

The body has fundamental structures and processes designed to keep us alive. However, each person’s body is unique in how it responds to what life presents to us - physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The approach to good health should no longer be seen as one size fits all. CPSA offers a variety of specialised products for different needs. Click below your category of interest to review CPSA's comprehensive product list, and see how we can best assist you.

News and Features

Keep up to date with the latest developments in functional medicine trends in the compounding world.
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With advanced clinical knowledge and cutting edge technology, we scientifically engineer personalised medications.
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