Gut health and digestion have a massive influence on your metabolism, immune and cognitive function, energy levels and can facilitate good endocrine and hormonal support.

Product Code Product Description Pack size Schedule Features, actions and benefits Unisolv Code
CP005 Aloelax 300 mg Capsules 60’s S0 Natural laxative 010261
CP514 Berberine Ext. 250mg Capsules 60’s S0 Oral hypoglycaemic and lipid metabolism – reduces total cholesterol and HDL-C, also treats yeasts and UTI 010700
CP010 Betaine HCI 500mg Capsules 90’s S0 Betaine hydrochloride is a source of hydrochloric acid. Assists with digestive problems such as bloating and plays an important role in breaking down proteins in the GUT and essential mineral absorption. 010263
CP011 Bromelain 500 mg Capsules 60’s S1 Proteolytic enzyme for inflammation, pain, bloating and indigestion 010187
CP907 Gluterase 46mg Capsule 60’s S0 Has shown to degrade gluten in the stomach during human clinical trials, by altering the gluten protein into small fragments 011093
CP028 GEP Protector Capsules 60’s S0 A specialised elegant combination of nutraceuticals that not only helps with balancing blood sugar levels but helps with the detoxification of detrimental metabolites and increases one metabolism. 010228
CP557 GI Support Capsules 240’S S0 Licorice Root Ext., L-Glutamine, and Aloe – Gastro-intestinal agents synergistically promoting digestive health 010743
CP094 Grapefruit seed extract 125 mg Capsules 60’s S0 GSE – been proven to be a non-toxic anti-microbial agent effective for treating candidiasis. Great boost against pathogens. 010287
CP034 Mastic gum 333 mg Capsules 90’s S0 Kills candida, H. Pylori and other detrimental bacteria 010271
CP575 Probiotic 500mg 30’s S0 L.Sporogenes/B.Coagulans – helps maintain a healthy balance of microflora. Does not require refrigeration to maintain peak potency 010760
CP056 Rifaximin 200mg Capsules 60’s S4 Treatment of IBS, bloating and SIBO (Small Intestinal Bowel Overgrowth) 010218
CP058 Serrapeptase 15mg Capsules 60’s S1 Proteolytic enzyme for inflammation 010185
CP878 L-Glutathione-LDN (low dose naltrexone) Gel 50ml S4 Raises alkaline phosphatase levels in the blood 011063