To ensure good health, proper elimination processes need to be supported to prevent the build up of detrimental toxins that could cause a myriad of diseases. Functional medicine is based on obtaining good detox and liver support.

Product Code Product Description Pack size Schedule Features, actions and benefits Unisolv Code
CP113 5-MTHF 500 ug Tablets 60’s S0 A specialised active and bioavailable form of folate – helps support glutatione production ( bodies most potent anti-oxidant ), detoxification , hormone balance, mood, cardiac and nerve functions biosynthesis – helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects in early development of the foetus  010340
CP011 Bromelain 500 mg Capsules  60’s S1 Proteolytic enzyme for inflammation, pain, bloating and indigestion 010187
CP012 Calcium d-Glucarate 100mg Capsules  60’s S0 Its specialised detoxification properties prevent the excess build up of detrimental hormones  010258
CP017 Compounded Detox Capsules  60’s S0 Specialised compounded product to facilitate the elimination of the build up of detrimental dangerous hormone metabolites. Used as an adjunct to all Hormone replacement therapy and helps in reducing carcinogenic risk factors. 010114
CP088 DMAE 100 mg Capsules  60’s S5 Found in fish and plant hormones "auxins". Protects against free radical damage in the brain, reduces and prevents age spots on the skin, increased mental focus , memory and leaning ability. 010333
CP028 GEP Protector Capsules 60’s S0 A specialised elegant combination of nutraceuticals that not only helps with balancing  blood sugar levels but helps with the detoxification of detrimental metabolites and increases one metabolism.  010228
CP094 Grapefruit seed extract 125 mg Capsules  60’s S0 GSE – been proven to be a non-toxic anti-microbial agent effective for treating candidiasis. Great boost against pathogens.  010287
CP141 L-Glutathione 500mg Capsules 30’s S0 Helps inhibit free-radical proliferation and involved in liver detoxification process, may cause skin-brightening 010327
CP040 Milk Thistle 500 mg Capsules  90’s S3 A compound that not only protects and safeguards the liver but has recently been used to protect the skin from UVA radiation exposure  010270
CP042 N-Acetylcysteine 500 mg Capsules  90’s S2 NAC may help produce and maintain glutathione levels and prevent the usual metabolic decline that occurs with aging. 010272
CP047 Oral EDTA Capsules  60’s S1 Removes heavy metals and detoxifies and supports cardiovascular system 010214
CP057 Selenozinc Capsules  60’s S1 Selenium and zinc supplement – zinc is added for the effect it has as a co-factor to 400 enzyme reactions in the body and helps in combination produce healthy growth factors ( IGF-1)  010227
CP095 Selenozinc + Copper Capsules  60’s S1 Selenium, zinc and copper supplement – here we add copper for its nutrient depletion as it is needed for all zinc and selenium reactions to balance 010299
CP058 Serrapeptase 15mg Capsules  60’s S1 Proteolytic enzyme for inflammation 010185
CP102 Glycine powder  100g S0 An amino acid important in liver detoxification pathways, production of glutathione, DNA and haemoglobin. May also support healthy neurological function 010137
CP029 L-Glutathione 10% Cream  50ml S0 Main mitochondrial antioxidant 010570
CP1037 Prodetox Capsules 90’s S0 A unique formulation to mobilize bile fat 011223
CP106 Methylation Cream 50ml S0 Supports the methylation process associated with immune health and normal Neurotransmitter production and metabolism 010286
CP867 EDTA Suppository  1’s S1 Removes heavy metals and detoxifies and supports cardiovascular system 011053